Prints never look sooo good...

All about that fit

Give us a try. You won't regret it.

Flirty ruffles

Never looked so good...

Designed with you in mind.

Each piece has been designed to fit and highlight your best ASSets! Push up, lengthening of the legs, support for the girls, accentuating the peach, post-partem... we got you covered (or not ;)). Ethically made in LA.

Imagine having a top that gives you 6 looks...

Look no further! Our reversible tops and bottoms are designed to give you the most bang (no pun intended) for your $$$!

From the people
From the people
"These swimsuits enhance and totally compliment my body. I feel the most sexy when I wear them and the quality of the suits really stand out!"
— Kim B.
From the people
"I’ve been wearing Beleza bikinis since they first came out! The quality and the fit are amazing! I love the vibrant colors & designs - I always get so many compliments when I wear them."
— Taylor H
From the people
"I love this swimwear line! The tops fit so perfectly and the way the straps are designed you can have as much support as you would like. The bottoms are super flattering. Obsessed!"
— Kate A.
From the people
"Beautiful, elegant, and sexy. Beleza has it all! I’ve never had so many compliments about a bathing suit before!"
— Brooke M
From the people
"The Serena top will always be my favorite bikini. I do really like the Sapphire too. The bonzer bottoms are to die for it’s all I’ll wear."
— Cheyenne L


Pregnant? Bloated? Postpartum?

We got you! Our high waisted Zirkon bottom exudes comfort while looking stunning! This bottom pairs nicely with all of our tops, so wether you are wanting support, push up or to show off more of the girls we got you covered or not;)!

All about them details

Our "High Roller" set comes in mulitiple colors - it's a fan favourite! The gold chain detail elevates the simple bikini look. The bottom includes a seamless edge that won't dig in but will accentuate your back side. The top comes with our custom "L shape" removable padding that wil lift the girls in & up!
This bikini is sure to become a closet staple.

Star light, Star bright, shine bright with our brights!

Wanting more support or push up? We offer a wide range of sewn in and removable padding! Not sure which is right for you? Shoot us a message for a personalized shopping experience!

Top: Nomad

Bottom: 1 way ticket

Model is wearing small in both.