Best friends and entrepreneurs-turned-fashion designers launch a new line of bikinis designed to help women feel their most confident when showing off their bodies.

Canadian born go-getters, Lisa Audia and Sarah Hlapcic met in 2008 when they attended business school at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary Alberta. It’s there that a new friendship was born, as well as a start to something much greater than they had anticipated. Lisa and Sarah teamed up for many marketing projects, including one very significant province wide student competition which tested their first steps together as marketers and future business partners.


Shortly after graduation, they both set off to be their own bosses and separately incorporated their own businesses. Lisa established a marketing consulting company, and Sarah specialized in experiential event marketing. For two years they ran their own ventures, which taught them how to be good leaders, self promoters, and big thinkers.

In early 2012, both Lisa and Sarah wanted a better idea, a bigger challenge and a greater dream. This burning desire for more in business and life led the 25 year old BFF’s South for some fun in the sun! They set off to the shorelines of California for a girls getaway, where they found inspiration for their next big idea.

Both avid bikini shoppers, Lisa and Sarah were no strangers to the swimwear industry. Between the both of them they could probably turn their closets into a retail store. But there was one pressing problem they had with swimwear, it never made them feel as beautiful and sexy as it promised. They constantly found themselves mixing and matching brands to pull together a bikini that fit right and flattered their curves.

Wondering if other women shared these frustrations, they went out to do what they do best-network. They approached confident women at various pool parties, volleyball players at the beach, yogi’s at the studio, and stopped fashionistas on the streets of Los Angeles. The outcome-they were not alone, beautiful women everywhere were having problems finding bikinis that fit right and made them look and feel their best.

After a life changing trip, the girls headed back to home soil to turn their vision into a plan, beginning the making of Beleza Swimwear.

Lisa and Sarah were ready to take action. With no beaches nearby and an extremely cold climate, the girls knew their business would only thrive if they moved to where the market is. So, they packed their bags and drove to Los Angeles with not much more than their sketchbooks.

“Luck is the time when preparation and opportunity meet” (Roy D. Chapin Jr) which is exactly how they found Rick and Pam, the creme de la creme of the swimwear manufacturing world. They turned Lisa and Sarah’s designs into masterpieces. Countless hours were spent perfecting the fit, shopping for quality fabrics in just the right colors, and searching for padding for incredible support.

As self taught designers, they were determined to create a line of beautiful bikinis that fit right from top to bottom. They wanted to provide a variety of flattering styles for women who vary in proportions, and they wanted to sell them separately so women could easily mix and match.The brand was inspired by the brazilian word “Beleza” meaning beauty in Portuguese. Lisa and Sarah were passionate about creating a series of collections that help women leave their insecurities at home, and hit the beaches of the world in confidence!

Beleza Swimwear launches its first line of bikini’s just in time for  the 2013 season. So whether you are hitting the next Vegas pool party, catching waves on the California shoreline, or relaxing on a cruise somewhere close to paradise-Beleza Swimwear has the perfect bikini for your individual curves!

April 01, 2013 — Sarah Hlapcic