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About Us

Beleza Inc. was founded in May 2012 by Canadian-born designer Lisa Audia. 

An avid traveler, adventure-seeker and bikini-wearing enthusiast, Lisa felt unsatisfied with existing swimwear options and constantly found herself combining brands in search of the perfect fit. Bikinis were just not flattering, and didn't make her feel as confident or sexy as promised. She spoke to women everywhere who shared the same frustrations, and it didn't take long before she found a niche in the marketplace. By using the same mix-and-match approach that sparked her initial search, Beleza Swimwear was born!

After extensive research on the swimwear industry, Lisa began writing her business plan to find the perfect fit solution for active women ages 18 to 35. She was determined to design a collection that celebrated a variety of body types and aimed to strike a balance between current and classic pieces. Where most companies cut corners to save costs, Lisa didn't. After sourcing the highest quality fabrics and finishes and testing countless designs, the perfect fit was finally possible. launched in July 2013, allowing women everywhere to build a bikini collection that is customized to their every curve!

Email our team directly at for advice on finding the perfect style for your body type, or visit one of our retailers for the perfect bikini for your next getaway!