Beleza Swimwear was born out of the desire to design versatile swimwear that makes you feel confident, sexy, and empowered.

At Beleza, we take comfort and style seriously. We also believe in utility. That’s why we design swimwear that is reversible and can be worn up to 4 different ways.

With vibrant colors and uniquely sophisticated designs, Beleza swimwear is engineered to flatter, accentuate, and support in inventive ways. From modern geometric lines to flirty and classic silhouettes, Beleza celebrates your beauty by offering a variety of fits and styles to mix and match that enhance different body types.

The Beleza Swim brand is focused on highlighting your best assets through shape, support, and smart design. We enjoy providing the swimwear that lets your natural beauty shine, in a fit as comfortable as your birthday suit!

From Beleza with love 💋


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